"That’s actually the time you deserve to be given attention   ”, he teased the other in a playful tone. “I’m here, all ears, Carter. Giving you full attention… Okay, actually sharing it with my food.”

"Carter…" He stared at the other, eyes narrowed and his arms now crossed. "I see how much attention you are giving me by even calling me by a wrong name!!"


He looked at the other, than back at the food, deciding to keep eating. “… I’m giving you attention.”

"You mean you gave me attention for a whole second. Wow. I’d clap if I could!" His lips were pursed and his bottom one slightly pushed out.

— Frequency.


Sungjong raised his eyebrows as his eyes quickly shifted to the right as he shrugged loosely. “What can I say? I like living life dangerously, hyung.” He cooed playfully before letting his facial expression wrinkle up some at the remark before it quickly coming back to a grin, Having the other follow him as he began to walk, waving his hand to indicate him to follow behind—Gathering up some books as he spoke with his friend.  Figuring he would sort later, He could label books for now, placing the stacks of books on the table and then pulling out a tablet plus a label maker and sitting down, offering the seat across from him for chase to sit.  ”I go to class too, its not always work~”

The other’s assumptions made a grin come to his lips as he began to slowly label the books, typing out the codes  and then peeling the plastic back before sticking it neatly on the book’s spine. “I wish it was as exciting as that.” he murmured softly with a chuckle. Taking a pen to cross out the ones he’d done so far so he wouldn’t get confused and make a mistake before continuing with his work. “Do you remember that boy at my family’s restaurant that looks similar to me?” he questions as he continues to work. “That’s my little brother, Seonkyu.” he placed the book he finished down and leaned back into his seat for a moment and stretching with a soft squeak leaving him afterwards as he relaxed back into the chair.

"Seonkyu was born really sick— Aortic valve regurgitation." he explained calmly, "Its a heart disease. His aortic valve doesn’t close properly each time the heart beats, This causes blood to leak back into the left ventricle and so the body doesn’t receive the right amount of blood.  His heart has to work twice as hard to make up for that loss." he explained before going back to labeling slowly. "You can live with it with by taking blood pressure medicine but My family’s been poor since my father died when i was nine and so we can’t afford his heart surgery. Along with his low immune system—you can just imagine there’s many trips to the emergency room, many hospital sleepovers.” he spoke with a soft chuckle as if the lighten the mood, but it almost sounded bitter from the way he’d done so. “That’s why I work so much.” he spoke before letting his eyes  peek  up at him, squinting playfully for a moment. “I think the question should be more like ‘Why are you following me to work?’ Heheh” Sungjong cooed playfully as he a grin curled over his lips, his eyes shifting back to the paper afront of him as he crossed out each line he finished. 

His lips stretch in a wide grin as he heard about the dangerous life of the younger male. Felt weird to him, listening to a younger male talking about the danger of life when he was doing fairly normal part time jobs to earn his money on the brighter side of life. His own money, in contrary to Sungjong’s, was dirty money almost. But that was none of the matter right now. Chase followed along through the library obediently and at across the other, watching how he was doing his work. “But isn’t college almost work as well?” His head tilts and he still has a somewhat cheeky expression visible.

Chase’s elbows were rested on the wooden surface of the table as he listened carefully to the younger’s story. “I do remember him. I’m really sorry.” Was that even something he could feel sorry about? Well, somehow it was. He himself never experienced something of that sort. The male was an only child born to parent’s who were fairly well off to begin with, a mother who stayed at home and a father who had his own company almost and yet managed to be a good parent. How’d someone expect him to truly understand the feeling of having to work for someone else’s well being? He worked because he wanted to repay his parents for at least a little bit of what they gave him, nothing else. Chapped lips were pursed and his gaze casted downwards for a few seconds before his eyes met the others again. “Admirable how well you’re taking it, Sungjong ah. It must be hard.”

The added last question though manages to slightly break the heavy atmosphere surrounding them and the elder even chuckles to himself. “Maybe I am, maybe I am planning an attack. You’ll never know.” His shoulders shrug as his words are said in a mischievous tone, his eyes sparkling with evil written all over his face. “Though, you know, I could offer you a well paid job if you needed to earn money. And since you basically go through the whole palette of jobs already…” His hand reaches up, a rub to his nose making his speech stop for a moment. “Interested?” His eyebrows rose above his optics as his questioning look set on the younger.


The wolf was normally a diffident and submissive little creature. Words often getting stuck in her throat or just simply feeling compelled to follow another’s whims. Yet something about humans seemed to kick her into a different mind set. Especially when they were around her age. The snippy comment did not boil the blood. It technically didn’t even get much of a rise from her. she was curious to throw in a bit of her own banter. Footsteps halted as she wheeled about. Brow quirked as she looked up at him.

"Dude you just stepped into a wolf’s domain. There is nothing that could prepare you for that." With a perky smile she turned back on her heel and marched further into the apartment. Not even bothering to verbally answer his request . Though her demeanor greatly softened at his worried question.

"He’s sleeping right now. Its been kind of rough. But he’ll pull through with flying colors." With quiet movments, the door was open slowly. The battered male resting on the bed. Lacerations decorating his face.

She felt superior, a supernatural thing as he had always concluded. Though he still couldn’t understand. Because he’s he normal human being he can’t be destructive? Bullshit. The thought almost made him break out into rich laughter. There was a reason why he was referred to as Havoc in Japan, yet this was mostly unknown to people in Seoul either.

"He didn’t tell you.." He trailed off with a look that spoke more than his words ever could. "But it’s not like he knows much either." A huff left his lips and he followed the female further in. His features had softened now, he had no intention of sharing more things about himself with the female, it wasn’t worth anyway.

Chase took a few moments until he stepped closer. His eyes were almost glued to the younger male, the visible part of him shocking. Almost on their own his legs took him closer to his best friend and he kneeled down next to the bed, a hand reached out to brush the tips of his finger’s along Leon’s cheek. “He’s warm because of the bite, right?”

You are not weak just because your heart feels so heavy.

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